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A Foundation Dedicated to Conservation & Wildlife Preservation

April 13, 2021 admin Comments Off

When it comes to conservation of wildlife, few organizations have been as successful in their efforts as the Wildlife Preservation Foundation. Founded in 1985, this nonprofit organization has been dedicated to preserving and protecting the world’s wildlife and natural habitats. The foundation works to ensure that wildlife and habitats are not only preserved but also maintained and restored.


Foundations work is an example of how conservation efforts can be successful, and how conservationists can make a lasting difference in the world.

The Wildlife Preservation Foundation works with governments, organizations, and individuals all over the world to promote conservation efforts. The foundation has been instrumental in the establishment of national parks, wildlife reserves, and other protected areas. It has also helped to create and implement management plans for these areas. The foundation works to ensure that these areas are managed properly, with an emphasis on protecting wildlife and habitats.

Important Part of The Global Conservation Effort

The Wildlife Preservation Foundation also provides education and awareness programs to help promote conservation and protect wildlife. The foundation has conducted workshops and seminars on wildlife conservation and management. These seminars and workshops focus on the importance of wildlife conservation and the role of humans in preserving and protecting the environment.

The foundation also works to protect endangered species. It has worked to create and implement conservation plans for endangered species, such as the black rhinoceros, the African wild dog, and the Asian elephant. It also works to increase public awareness of endangered species and their threatened habitats.

The foundation has also been involved in numerous research and data collection projects to help protect wildlife. The foundation has conducted surveys of wildlife populations and habitats, and conducted research on the causes and effects of habitat loss and degradation. This research has been used to inform conservation policies and strategies.

Finally, the Wildlife Preservation Foundation works to provide financial support for conservation efforts. The foundation provides grants to organizations working to protect and restore wildlife and habitats, and provides funds for research projects. It also works with organizations to develop better management strategies for protected areas.