• May 19, 2017

    18,000 lbs. of Food Distributed

    On May 13, 2017 #TeamWendy assisted City Harvest in repurposing foods harvested from restaurants and distributing to families in need. OVER 18,000 POUNDS OF FOOD DISTRIBUTED AND OVER 300 FAMILIES SERVED! An …

  • May 19, 2017

    Message from Wendy

    How you doin’?  A few years ago, my family and I founded the Hunter Foundation to help families in need. Each year we send a group of girls to sleep away …


Although philanthropy and community service have always been a part of the Hunter Family tradition. The foundation’s trustees target programs that impact the cycle of drug addiction, poverty, and bias. Click below to find out more information about the program.

Support for Families

Supporting organizations who run food and emergency assistance programs is one way the foundation supports families in need. In 2015 we provided contributions to 13 organizations, 5 of which feed families with young children.

Thanks to our sponsors!

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Did you know…

According to Feeding America, that 42.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households, including 13.1 million children. Poverty in the United States is only one of many factors associated with food insecurity. In fact, higher unemployment, lower household assets, and certain demographic characteristics also lead to a lack of access to adequate, nutritious food.

Did you know…

Many New Yorkers are paid at or near the minimum wage. As a result, in 2012-2014, one million New York State residents lived in households that included at least one person working but food insecure or, in other words, were unable to afford enough food. Source: http://nyccah.org/learn-about-hunger/hunger-new-york-city

Did you know…

The number of children living in extreme poverty – roughly $9,500 a year for a family of three – rose an alarming 32% from 2008 to 2012. For 81% of these families, housing costs consumed too large a share of family budgets, leaving less for other necessities such as food, clothing, or transportation. For those with young children, 24% of their income went for childcare in licensed day care centers. This means roughly one-third of New Jersey children live in families earning too little to meet their needs. Source: http://www.endhungernj.org/about-nj-hunger


Wendy and friends serving dinner to families this holiday season.  The Holiday Dinner with the Hunters had a very positive impact on the many families that attended.  More details to come.


The Hunter Foundation Summer Campership program provides a residential camp experience for girls ages 10-13. Click below for more information.


The Hunter Foundation accepts tax-deductible contributions. Click below to find out where you can make donations and for more information.


The Hunter Foundation will hold it's formal debut this fall. This event to be held in New York City on October 26, 2016. Details to follow.