WW Headshot 2About Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams, who’s family hails from Elizabeth, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ, was raised in the Jersey Shore and has since become an American media personality, author, and comedian.  She is currently the host of the nationally syndicated television talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.  Wendy William started her career as a disc jockey. In 2008, Williams debuted her daytime talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.   The nationally syndicated weekday program airs in 52 countries.  Wendy Williams fan base goes back to her successful 23-year career on the radio. Williams was one of the most popular radio personalities and she was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame; only a few women have received this distinguished honor.  The Wendy Williams Show is the only talk show to have achieved year-to-year growth. It is her brash, down-to-earth and larger than life personality that has drawn fans and supporters from all over the world.


During her childhood, Wendy was involved in many extra-curricular activities from the Girl Scouts, to the marching band and even the swim team.  She attended Northeastern University and graduated with a degree in communications and a minor in Journalism.  It was at the university, where she began her career in radio. Soon thereafter, she dubbed herself “The Queen of All Media”, and she impacted over 12 million listeners everyday with her advice and words of wisdom. 


Her upbringing and childhood have been instrumental in her connection with the community today, as an African-American woman who survived drug addiction, she has proven that success is attainable regardless of the hardships you were given.  


Wendy Williams is more than just a media personality; she is a philanthropist and has extended her brand beyond just radio and television. Founded by Wendy and her husband Kevin Hunter and their son in June 2014, the Hunter Foundation is a grant-making institution, founded to support community-based organizations and programs that serve adults, children and families. Although philanthropy and being of service to the community has always been a part of the Hunter family tradition, the foundation intends to operate and fund programs that impact the cycle of drug addiction, poverty, and bias.  She also supports Got Your 6, PETA, NYCLASS and Hillsides and raises awareness on mentoring for girls, animal rights, children, sexual abuse and veteran support. 


In addition, Wendy has produced made-for-TV biopics for Lifetime, written seven books, and has her own exclusive clothing line with HSN for woman of all ages and sizes as well as her own wig collection known as Wendy Williams Hair World. 


Source: http://www.wendyshow.com/