“I remember as a young kid someone paid the tuition for me go to camp. Now I want to help a young girl go.” – Angela, Michigan 

Overcoming Addiction

The Hunter Foundation intends to provide funding and in-kind services for residential treatment centers for men, women and women with children. Grantee services may include, but are not limited to comprehensive assessment, group and individual counseling, intensive education about addiction, and out-patient programs.

Team Wendy Total Wellness

During the school year, it is easy for children to get distracted from staying healthy and eating right. With the pressures of school and growing up, many children who do not participate in sports, need to find other ways to stay fit. The goal of the Team Wendy Total Wellness program is to combine motivational speaking with health and fitness programming for teens age 10-17.

Family Services

During the 2014 holiday season, we partnered with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, which assisted in identifying three (3) non-profit organizations that ran food programs to feed families. We awarded three grants of $2,500 each, totaling $7,500, to three New Jersey organizations, including New Community Corporation located in Newark, Eva’s Village located in Paterson, and Let’s Celebrate located in Jersey City.

Summer Campership

The Hunter Foundation Summer Campership program serves young girls ages 10-13, that tween age where teens often test thier independence and are just on the cusp of their teenage years. The foundation works with community-based organizations who work with families with girls who could not afford a residential summer camp program.

Youth Development

These programs focus on helping organizations that work with children in the following categories.

Summer Camperships
Girl Talk With Team Wendy

LGBTQ Support

The Hunter Foundation has begun to establish relationships with several organizations including those that address biasness against LGBTQ Youth. Specifically, we would like to extend support to organizations that include services for LGBTQ at-risk youth.

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The Hunter Foundation is a grant-making institution, founded to support programs and community-based organizations that serve adults, children and families.