While schools applaud good marks, camp acknowledges and rewards a broader range of accomplishments.  It creates an environment where every child can feel valued for their contribution. Camp is very fulfilling on a personal level

Camp as an effective teaching environment because learning is enjoyable there. When most people think about camp, they only see fun. But that is not what camp’s about. The value of the experience is what children learn.  Sure, camp is fun. But we shouldn’t dismiss the value of the experience because it’s fun. 

Campers learn not only about themselves, but also about relating and interacting successfully with their peers. They become self-reliant and, at the same time, learn to work as part of a team, whether it is sharing cabin clean-up or supporting one another on a high-ropes course. As child experts explain “Summer camp is a self-contained community where you have to work together with others to achieve anything,” Children learn some of life’s most important lessons at camp. Parents spend a lot of time these days trying to enhance their children’s academic credentials. Yet, it is good social skills that allow children to grow up to be successful adults.