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Donors are invited to support the Hunter Foundation.


Girl Talk with Team Wendy

Send Girls to Summer Camp

The Summer Camp program is a great way to expose girls, to a learning experience that builds independence through exposure to outdoor camping activities.  Girls are selected from organizations serving low-income families and must demonstrate a financial need.

The girls full camp tuition is paid for with the generous support of donors, sponsors and the Hunter family.  Each girl also receives a back pack full of toiletries, clothing and camp supplies.

In the past, we have invited sponsors to donate or  provide in-kind donations for each girls back pack. For example, thanks to Ms. Jessie’s hair care products, the girls have had free hair care products during their 13 days at camp.

Download Sponsorship Form


History or the camp program:

In June 2014, the Hunter Foundation inaugurated its first program and sponsored three (3) girls to attend a 13-day residential camp at YMCA Camp Mason located in Hardwick, New Jersey.  In 2015 that number grew to 11 girls and in 2016 we hope to send 20 girls.

The cost per girl is $2,000 which covers camp tuition, food, cabin bed, additional fees for horse back riding lessons, camp supplies, and transportation.


Family Services

The foundation’s family services grant-making initiatives focus on supporting  organizations that work with children and families in several categories such as food shortage advocacy, [read more]


Summer Camperships

As a little girl, Wendy remembers the fun she had at summer camp. She learned how to swim, and enjoyed hiking, outdoor sports, and campfire songs. But more importantly she learned [read more]


LGBTQ Support

Supportive Services for LGBTQ Youth. The Hunter Foundation has begun to establish relationships with several organizations including those that address biasness against LGBTQ Youth. [read more]

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Mentoring Girls

Soon to debut in the Fall of 2015, Girl Talk With Team Wendy is designed to bring together professional women who have excelled in their careers and pair them with girls who are a part of one or more [read more]


Overcoming Addiction

The Hunter Foundation intends to provide funding and in-kind services for residential treatment centers for men, women and women with children. Grantee services may include, [read more]


Youth Development

These programs focus on helping organizations that work with children in the following categories. Summer Camperships. In June 2014, the Hunter Foundation [read more]