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The Hunter Foundation’s mission is to forge alliances with public and private organizations for the purposes of helping women and men overcome addiction and provide opportunities for them to improve their lives, and to improve the lives of children and families through innovative programs, services, and grant-making initiatives.



Founded by Wendy Williams-Hunter, Kevin Hunter and family in June 2014, the Hunter Foundation is a grant-making institution, founded to support community-based organizations and programs that serve adults, children and families. Although philanthropy and being of service to the community has always been a part of the Hunter family tradition, the foundation’s trustees intend to fund programs that impact the cycle of drug addiction, poverty, and bias.

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Priority Giving and Programmatic Areas

Beyond funding Hunter Foundation programs, the trustees invite public and private organizations, businesses, corporations, philanthropists, and others, to support those causes most dear to the Hunter family.

Contributions are used to assist the Hunter Foundation in fulfilling its mission through activities targeting four priority areas:

  • Drug rehabilitation programs serving young women and men
  • Youth development programs for children primarily in inner city communities
  • Family services programs that provide food, clothing, shelter, or emergency assistance to families in need
  • Supportive programs serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender youth

Hunter Foundation

The Hunter Foundation was founded by Mr. Kevin Hunter and Mrs. Wendy Williams-Hunter and family.  The foundation was created to support the philanthropic goals of the Hunter family and as a way to organize the many opportunities presented to them from public and private partnerships and collaborations.

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